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Running an active troop takes lots of help! If you would like to participate, there are many ways to do so. The following list of roles define the different volunteer positions where help may be needed.

Volunteers must be approved by the Committee (Pack or Troop), complete Youth Protection Training (YPT), and formally register with our unit.

Scoutmaster - currently Peter Dahl (boys troop ) & Jen Thorp (girls troop)

The Scoutmaster's main responsibilities are to:

Troop Committee Chair (currently Chris Thorp)

The Troop Committee Chair's responsibilities are to:

Cubmaster (currently Will Matthews)

The Cubmaster's main responsibilities are to:

Assistant Cubmaster (need assistance here)

An Assistant Cubmaster's responsibilities (as designated by the Cubmaster) are to:

Pack Committee Chair (currently Peter Dahl)

The Pack Committee Chair's responsibilities are to:

Treasurer (currently Scot Wirth (Troop Treasurer) and Theo Schweitz (Pack Treasurer))

The Treasurer's responsibilities are to:

Advancement Chair (need assistance here)

The responsibilities of the Advancement chair are to:

Lion/Tiger Den Leader (currently Sarah Dahl & Marian Gagliardi)

The Tiger Cub Den Leader's responsibilities are to:

Wolf/Bear Den Leader (currently Emily Gleason & Andy Anderson)

The Wolf and Bear Den Leaders' responsibilities are to:

Webelos Den Leader (currently Marian Gagliardi & Jeremy Foss)

The Webelos Den Leader's responsibilities are to:

Popcorn Kernel (need assistance here)

This coordinator is responsible for the major fundraising effort of the Pack. Duties are to:

Camp Chair (currently John Eidel)

The responsibilities of the Outdoor Activities Coordinator are to:

Pack Trainer (need assistance here)

The Pack Trainer is responsible for:

Chartered Organization Representative (currently Jay Perry)

The Chartered Organization Representative's responsibilities are to: