Troop 187 and Pack 187

Mayflower Church

Minneapolis, MN

Troop 187 was chartered by Mayflower Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1929.

We are an open and affirming Troop that does not discriminate against Scout members or leaders.

We have active Scouting programs for Youth ages 5-10 (Cub Scout Pack 187) and Adolescents 10-18 (Troop 187).

Why join Scouting at Mayflower?

  1. Have fun with year-round activities - meeting Monday evenings, with monthly excursions on weekends.

  2. Learn stuff you can't in school and earn awards for rank advancement towards Eagle Scout.

  3. Make friends outside of school and connect with other families seeking outdoors activities.

  4. Get active outside in all seasons, learning about teamwork, self-discipline and leadership.

  5. Experience camping like your grandpa did at at our SUMMER CAMP on the St Croix river - since 1944.

...and the research proves it:

  • The time Youth spend in structured activities such as Scouting has been correlated with higher academic and conduct grades, constructive peer relations, and positive emotional adjustment. (Posner and Lowe, 2008)

  • Involvement in activities such as Scouting is correlated with a decrease in delinquency rates. (Agnew and Peterson, 1989)

  • The time Youth spend in Scouting shows that Scout programs help youth develop a sense of themselves as people who are broadly competent, who can work constructively in groups, and who can complete poorly defined tasks. Youth in Scouting also have an increased sense of obligation to the community and its institutions. (Kleinfeld and Shinkwin, 1983)

  • Youth involved in Scouting are identified as demonstrating higher affective and cognitive regard for learning science content. (Jarman, 2005)

  • Scouting programs support the growth of developmental assets. (Search Institute, 2004)

  • Researchers identified significant differences between Scouts and non-Scouts in these areas: health and recreation, connection to others, service and leadership, environmental stewardship, goal orientation, planning and preparedness, and character. (Jang, Johnson, and Kim, 2012)

  • The results of study at Tufts University showed strong evidence that participation in Scouting supports the development of pro-social behaviors, career goals, tolerant beliefs, and positive character attributes. Scouts who attend meetings regularly report better grades. (Lerner, et al., 2015)